The GO Foundation works closely with AIME to support our students as they journey through school. In their own words, here is how AIME is working to change the world!

What's the End Game?

Our vision is to bring rebellious mentoring to every campus in the world and see every university student across the earth mentoring high school kids who are being left behind.

We’d love to do ourselves out of a job and have inspired a generation to lead, have provided the tools, then be able to declare that the problem we set out to solve is solved, for example we want to see Indigenous educational inequality ended. We believe every non profit should have an exit strategy and should be trying to finish what they’ve started.

Okay, how does it work?

We build a World Of Mentoring, a bridge between university and high school which mentors kids from age 12-18 and features:

  1. Free academic tutoring: between 20-30 sessions a year
  2. 45 one-hour AIME Theatre of Education sessions @ the university campus
  3. One-on-one career transition support for the Year 12 kids

This is not a one-on-one mentoring model.

The program is guided by a curriculum and all of our workshops happen on both the university and high school campuses with groups of university students and high school kids together, with a lead AIME mentor helping facilitate the delivery of the content.

The program is structured, has a start and end point, as we believe our role is to be mentors and not saviours. The ultimate success is the kids not wanting to be in the program anymore because they are stronger without us. There is no contact outside of our programmed workshops.

This short film is directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker, Laurent Witz, and tells the story of a world built on a mechanised system that favours only some. We created it in the hope it would inspire others to join us in changing the way the world works. It’s since won a Webby award and been viewed 20 million times across a number of channels.