I love that this newsletter is all about the people connected to GO. It’s about Adam and his incredible generosity of spirit and courage, it’s about everyone who has rushed to support Adam after the release of The Final Quarter, it’s about Mick being so proud of his brother and of what GO is achieving (and telling me to work harder – I didn’t miss that one!!), it’s about our Partners coming to lend a hand when we need help and it’s about our incredible students and Ambassadors. GO is about people. People supporting our amazing students.

While we have clearly had a few busy months, the Board of the GO Foundation and the team remain very focused on the heart of all our programs – to provide support and scholarships to Indigenous students. We remain strongly committed to the Public Education Foundation and have been working with their Chief Executive, David Hetherington, and his team on our 2020 scholarships. We are so grateful for their support and are proud that our partnership is such a great example of how two for purpose organisations can collaborate and work together. David and I are excited to be strengthening the partnership and increasing the number of scholarships. GO is now supporting 100 students from 25 schools, the bulk of which are public, in both Adelaide and Sydney! We are so grateful for all your support. It allows us to work with more students and families and we look forward to updating you on how we are providing more scholarships, in the next few months.

We get to work with some amazing people at GO and I am thrilled to introduce the newest members of our GO family to you…

Nicola Wakefield Evans has joined the Board of the GO Foundation. Nicola brings a wealth of experience and a huge heart to GO. She is a massive Swans fan and is currently also serving on the boards of Macquarie Bank, Lendlease, the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the 30% Club. She joins an incredible line up on our board, led so generously by Sam Mostyn, our Chair, Michael, our Deputy-Chair and with Adam, Ken Boundy, James Gallichan, Holly Kramer and Sonja Stewart.

Brooke Boney is officially a GO Ambassador. She has always been a massive supporter of GO but we made it official late last year. As the Entertainment Reporter on Channel 9’s Today Show she is shooting the lights out as the first Indigenous woman on breakfast TV. We are so proud of Brooke. If you haven’t seen the video she did for us on the #GOFurther campaign, you can watch it here. Brooke is also running to support GO in the City to Surf. GO Brooke! You can support Brooke and help her raise funds for GO here.

Evelyn Bowes joins our team this week as our new Head of Finance and Company Secretary. We are excited to welcome Evelyn and can’t wait for her to start! She brings a wealth of experience to the team. A huge shout out to Kirsty Walker, Helena Thoma and Nicole Fairbairn from the Swans who have been supporting GO’s accounting and finance needs while doing their day jobs. Whilst Evelyn’s arrival means that they won’t be doing our day to day work anymore, they are still very much part of the GO team. Their contribution has been massive and we are so grateful!

Celine Bonnaire has joined the team as our Executive Assistant. Celine comes from a teaching and EA background and has already made a big impact. I have no doubt that she will have us all organised in no time!

Congratulations to GO Ambassador, Dan Sultan and his partner Bronnie, who have welcomed beautiful Lena. We are loving the focus on babies at GO!

Last week, we were thrilled that Minister Ken Wyatt, the Indigenous Affairs Minister (and the first Indigenous Australian to hold that portfolio) announced the GO Foundation as the recipient of a $4.5 million funding grant.

The funding has been provided so that GO can provide more opportunities to more students. It will also allow us to continue our research and evaluation work, to build an IT platform that allows us to scale our operations and create stronger outcomes for the Indigenous students and families we support and to build internal capacity. This funding will allow GO to ensure that we are ready for the next stage of our growth.

A breath
I thank everyone who has been so patient with us over the last few months as the very lean team at GO have tried to keep up with the large volumes of enquiries and requests we have received. As you can see from all our news, it’s been another busy period at GO. New people, more partnerships, bigger events and more students.

We are going to take some time over the next few months to take a breath. The team will still be working hard but it is time to prepare for 2020 scholarships and ensure that we are ready for our next stage of growth. We look forward to updating you on our progress later in the year.

In the meantime, if you haven’t read the Uluru Statement from the Heart, please do so. It is a gift to all Australians and is available on our website. Please share it with your friends and family and have the conversations that Adam talks about. We have also posted a wonderful video produced by Rachel Perkins of Blackfella Films and Professor Megan Davis, a leading expert in public constitutional law and a key driver of constitutional reform in Australia. The video explains so well the three themes of the Uluru Statement – Voice, Treaty, Truth.

A huge thank you to the team at GO and to Alex and Tobias for putting together the newsletter. We have loved sharing our news with all of you.