The GO Foundation was born in 2009 with our friend James Gallichan.  Our first project was in Dareton where we were involved in delivering community programs for Indigenous students, donations of sports uniforms and equipment, and donations for playground equipment for the local community centre.

By 2014, we had decided to focus the work of the GO Foundation solidly on education – believing that education is the key to creating a brighter future for Indigenous Australians.  To support our ambition, we established our first board of directors and partnered with a number of individuals and partners who continue to this day to share our mission and values.

From the earliest days of GO, we were committed to building an organisation that puts Indigenous culture at the centre of all that we do, and ultimately for the organisation to be led at the Board and the management team by indigenous Australians.  In our early days we asked Peter Meurer, our great supporter and mentor, to chair our inaugural board, and began recruiting other highly skilled directors to join the board.

With our gratitude, Peter retired from the board in 2018, and continues to be involved in the future of GO in chairing our Investment Committee.  We appointed one of our fellow directors, Sam Mostyn, to the Chair, with a continuing commitment to building our board, and recruiting leading Indigenous directors to join us.

In September 2018, we were proud to invite Sonja Stewart to join the board. Sonja is a proud Yuin woman who has been a Chair and Director for over twenty years of government, not-for-profit and academic boards and governing bodies, including chairing the Lord Howe Island Board. On 31 August 2020, Sonja will commence the role of Chief Executive Officer of the NSW Law Society.

In conjunction with Sam, and the rest of our board, we believed that Sonja’s obvious impact immediately on joining the GO Foundation Board presented us with the wonderful opportunity to appoint our first Indigenous Chair.  Although Sam has 2 years remaining in her term, we collectively decided that now was the time to appoint Sonja to the role of Chair, and continue to strive for an Indigenous led organisation.

So, at our most recent board meeting, Sam stood aside as Chair, and Sonja was unanimously appointed Chair of the GO Foundation, effective immediately.  We have thanked Sam for her service and have asked her to stay on as a director of our foundation.

We are very excited by this appointment and proud to have founded and built an organisation doing so much for young indigenous Australians that can attract the most talented and experienced people to govern our work.  We have come a long way – just this month we reached an incredible milestone – offering our 500th GO scholarship.  So it is a very important moment for us, as proud indigenous businessmen, to have met one of our core principles of leadership – with Sonja Stewart as our new Chair, GO enters its next chapter of growth and influence with indigenous excellence leading our board. We look forward to continuing to work with you, our generous supporters and partners, and thank you for everything you do in partnering with us.

Best wishes,
Adam & Michael