Ashlie from GO with Primary School Scholarship holders for 2021
Ashlie from GO with Primary School Scholarship holders for 2021

Natalie Munoz is the early Years Engagement Partner at Ngunnawal Primary School. She had the following things to say about what Ngunnawal is up to and their new partnership with GO.


At Ngunnawal Primary School we are committed to building strong and meaningful partnerships with our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. We have over 70 students across our school from Preschool to Year 6 who identify as being Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.

As part of our journey in building strong partnerships with our local Aboriginal community we have recently become partners with the GO Foundation to support some of our students with GO Foundation scholarships. We are always looking to strengthen relationships and support our kids to ensure they have the best opportunity to thrive at school. These scholarships will provide our students with opportunities which they may not have necessarily had previously.

Our families have already identified that a big expense for them is often school camp. GO Foundation Scholarships will support these students in being able to attend these camps to improve confidence, ignite creativity and problem-solving, stimulate a sense of adventure, encourage social interaction and team building, and promote independence.

Another family have identified with an older sibling in the household, access to appropriate technology for homework and school related tasks has been difficult to manage. The scholarship through GO will support them in being able to purchase another item of technology within their household so the primary aged child is able to complete homework tasks without impacting the older high school sibling.

These are just two examples of how GO Foundation scholarships provide opportunities for our students. We look forward to a long-lasting partnership with the GO Foundation supporting more of our students and families in the future.