Scholar Yarran sums up GO Foundation this way: “To me, GO means support and opportunity. Adam and Michael have both been such an inspiration for me in the way they stand up for Aboriginal people.”

This semester, Yarraan was awarded his second GO Scholarship.  The economic downturn of Covid-19 has affected his family’s financial stability, and this scholarship will assist his journey through his Bachelor of Marine Biology at University of Technology, Sydney.

A proud Ngarigo and Murrawarri man from South Sydney, Yarraan has always had a deep love of the ocean.  He grew up surrounded by it at La Perouse, and it is to his community that he intends to give back in his career.  He wants to be his family’s first scientist. “I care for the ocean and the beaches,” he says.  “It would be such an honour to be able to work alongside Indigenous rangers in the area.”

Yarraan’s community roots run deep, “Dad is a song man and a didge player, and I’ve been dancing in his troupe for as long as I can remember.  Now I’m teaching others to dance at Youth Haven, and it means so much to me.”

So does the GO Foundation. Yarraan was awarded his first scholarship as a Year 12 student at Matraville High in 2018.  “The laptop computer that came with my scholarship, I used every day of Year 12 and it got me through my studies” explains Yarraan. “I’m now in my second year of uni, and I still use that same computer every single day!”