CareerTrackers is a national non-profit with the goal of creating pathways and support systems for Indigenous young adults to attend and graduate from university, with high marks, industry experience and bright professional futures.

Founded in 2009 by CEO, Michael Combs, CareerTrackers has been recognised by employers, governments and, most importantly, Indigenous communities throughout Australia.

CareerTrackers links Indigenous university students with employers for paid, multi-year internships. Each student completes internships in university breaks with a partner organisation, matched to their career aspirations and their degrees.

We’re supporting more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to start and finish university – and we’re in our 10th year of doing it.

Just 67% of non-Indigenous and 41% of Indigenous Australians graduate from university within six years. Participation in CareerTrackers puts a rocket under students – 90% of our Alumni have graduated within six years.

And while 47% of Indigenous Australian university students make it to graduation, 89% of CareerTrackers participants do.

Internships are completed during uni holidays to ensure they support study instead of getting in the way of it, and each intern is paid a competitive wage during their internship which helps ease financial difficulty – the most commonly cited reason for Indigenous student attrition.

Endless Opportunities.Huge Impact.

By 2020 more than 1073 CareerTrackers Alumni will be in the workforce, changing the face of corporate Australia as well as their communities.
95% of our Alumni are in full-time employment within three months of graduating, with a median starting salary $8000 higher than non-Indigenous graduates.

Our Alumni community continues to contribute to the program by mentoring and demonstrating leadership to their peers and takes a well-earned place in our network of like-minded Indigenous professionals.

We are proud to be building a community of CareerTrackers Alumni that spans thousands of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander households across Australia.