#GOFurther - Part 2

The Research conducted by the GO Foundation and KPMG Arrilla Indigenous Services in 2017 showed a clear correlation between a strong cultural identity and participation and achievement in education and training by Indigenous students. The Research considered four separate parts of cultural engagement including participation in cultural events, cultural identity, language and participation in traditional economic activities.

Using the stories of two GO students, Lua and Yarran, the GO Foundation in conjunction with the RealSkillsRealCareers team at the Department of Education, has produced three short video stories on the importance of culture and education. Follow the stories of Lua and Yarran and learn why culture and education give them freedom.

Adelaide Ecosystem

In 2019, the GO Foundation will launch the Adelaide Ecosystem with new scholarships in two public primary schools and a high school. We are currently working with corporates and other organisations in Adelaide to build out the Adelaide Ecosystem so we can provide opportunities to our students there. If you are interested in supporting our students, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you!

Please keep an eye on our Scholarships page to apply.

Public School Scholarships

The GO Foundation is now providing scholarships into public schools.

About 85% of Indigenous students attend public schools around Australia so it makes good sense that the GO Foundation is in public schools, supporting our students where it makes a difference.

GO Foundation public school scholarships provide financial assistance for educational needs such as books, pens, excursions, learning support, Wi-Fi access, computers, sporting equipment and musical instruments, for example.  Our students work with their School Principal to agree how the funds should be spent during the course of the Scholarship.

The GO Scholarship gives students access to the broader GO Ecosystem where we provide a network of support to students and their families including cultural mentoring, corporate mentoring, transition support from school to university, learning support and employment and internship pathways.

We believe these scholarships can make a massive difference to students. However, for every one of the 68 GO students, there are many, many more who would also love a scholarship. Help us raise funds for GO Public School Scholarships today.


#GOFurther - Part 1

At the end of 2017, in conjunction with KPMG Arrilla, GO released the results of research that examined the correlation between Indigenous students continuing their education after Year 12, and better outcomes. The research was clear – the longer our students stay in education, the better their outcomes. For further detail, take a look at Research.

We also released three amazing video stories to promote the research and send the message that our Indigenous students can change their lives if they complete education after Year 12. The videos feature our very own Indigenous icon Adam Goodes, reporter and journalist Brooke Boney and AIME Mentoring’s Jake Thomson. The videos received an amazing 1.5 million views on Twitter and over 4.5 million people engaged with the #GOFurther campaign when we released the videos.

Don’t wait for someone to change your future. The message is clear – Indigenous students can pick the educational path that is right for them. It could be university, VET, or any other on-the-job training. We are empowering our students to change their own lives.