A message from Mark

Culture is still Our Heart

Team GO want to give you a big virtual High 5 🖐🏿!

COVID-19 brings a new environment for us all. When you think of it though, our people have been living with changing environments for hundreds of thousands of years. While this will be tough, our ancestors are with us and we will deal with this challenge too! Stay safe and do your part to stop the spread.

In this edition of GO-Q, my deadly sister and GO Ambassador Anita has a message to GO Scholars as we head into Easter and need to stay home and safe. Alex has sourced a podcast that will keep your earphones glued, we introduce Taronga Zoo Animal Live Cam, and we have updates on recent government support. There are also some great tips on studying from home, information on the virus itself (with a place to go to answer your questions) and some info on support you might be able to access as we go through this.

During these next few months, we are going to keep in touch with you all regularly via email, text or phone call. We want to know how you are and love hearing from you. So be sure to click reply to that email, write back to us via text or answer that call. You will definitely get a laugh or your next one is free!

Adam's Studiosity moment - YES! I am using Studiosity.Finally, a reminder about Studiosity. If you haven’t already done so, find the email with your log-in and get weaving. Sign up and use Studiosity today!

Stay well, GO Scholars. Remember, we’ve got your back.


PS – When you are next on a video chat with your mates, have a game of scissors, paper, rock. Alex is currently the scissors, paper, rock champion so we would love to set up a video link where a few Scholars take her on!

PPS – The first Scholar in each state to send me an email titled “Shirely is a legend” gets a prize at our next Mentoring Day. Think carefully…

Getting Study Ready

It’s challenging having the whole family in one space all trying to do their own thing. ‘Noisy!’, is how a couple of you have described this week. Remember, this moment in time will end at some point and we’ll all be back at school and work. In the meantime, here’s a few things to think about to set up your study area:

  • A desk. The dining table is fine.
  • Good lighting. Try and have light from the side and from above if you can. Not shining directly on your screen or casting shadows.
  • A chair that supports your back. If it’s a dinner table chair, a cushion or towel might help. (Shirley sits on a big round exercise ball at her desk – it’s a good core workout!)

A GO-Q message from GO Ambassador Anita Heiss

By now, no doubt you’ve all got the 20-second hand washing, and social distancing down to millimetre precision. But, with holidays coming up, what about Aunty and Uncle?

GO Ambassador Anita Heiss has a special message for you.

Government advice is don’t travel from the city to regional and remote parts of Australia over the holidays. Here’s a helpful guide for social distancing for the community. If you must travel, please check with community prior to leaving.

Note: Due to Covid-19 keeping everyone at home, YouTube has temporarily defaulted all videos to standard definition to help the strain on internet bandwidth globally.
To view in HD, click the Settings cog on the play bar and adjust the quality to 1080p.

GO-Q Culture

Want to chill out and immerse yourself in some Indigenous culture and language? There is a great podcast series called Word Up produced by the ABC.

Every episode features a different Indigenous language, and information on its origins in Australia. Plus, you can learn new words in every episode to try out on the family. So far, Word Up has featured about 85 of the 300 – 600 different Indigenous Australian languages. Some of these languages have been ‘sleeping’ for many, many years and are now being revived and spoken again. It’s a great series and a culture fix without leaving the house.

We are all subscribing to Word Up on the website.

Taronga TV – Taronga Zoo Big Brother (the animal version!)

While we are all stuck at home, Taronga is bringing the zoo to us!  This week they’ve launched tarongatv.com with live cameras in the tiger, elephant and seal enclosures.  You can watch tiger cam, elephant cam and seal cam 24/7 here.  Plus, there’s video about what’s happening in the animal hospital and seal shows and penguin feeding to watch.  There’s nothing not to love about Taronga TV, and it’s a great way to while away some downtime.

Baker McKenzie logoDo you need free legal advice?

GO Ecosystem partner, law firm Baker McKenzie, will consider requests from GO students and families in the following areas.

  • Have you been fired or stood down and don’t know what your rights are?
  • Is your landlord threatening to evict you?
  • Do you need to ask for a rent reduction?
  • Do you need help understanding Centrelink applications or government payments?

Please contact Mark, Alex or Shirley if you need help.

Government Subsidies during COVID-19

This week, the Federal Government offered more financial assistance to those have been stood down from their jobs because of COVID-19. It is called the JobKeeper payment and means employees can receive $1500 per fortnight during the restrictions.  Payments will go to your employer first, and they will then pay it on to you.  The payments will start in May, but will be backdated to March 30.

Who’s eligible? Most workers, part-time and permanent, who have been in the same job since March 1 2020 will be eligible for the JobKeeper payment.  Casual workers will be eligible if they have been with their employer for 12 months or more.  Sole traders have access to the JobKeeper payment as well.

Other useful sites: