A message from Shirley

…including new GO-Q competitions

If you’ve got a story for Shirley’s Share a Story competition, or you can identify the artist of Shirley’s painting, send your entries to mark@gofoundation.org.au or text Mark on 0415 446576.

A message from Adam


A message from Micky-O

…plus Micky-O wants your tips for his beard!

GO-Q Culture – Move over YouTube, here’s IndigiTUBE

IndigiTUBE is media platform where you can explore and experience all sorts of Indigenous culture, music, language and community. It’s sort of an Indigenous YouTube and a great way to broaden your horizons during this Easter ‘Stay-Cation’.

There’s lots of stuff to discover on indigiTUBE; new music from different artists, podcasts about all sorts of people and topics, Indigenous language to experience and videos to watch from far and wide. Plus, there are over 20 Indigenous radio stations to tune into.   It’s free to register, and there is an app to download, as well as an online website.

Working Out with the Sydney Swans

We’re not the only ones missing kicking the ball around.  Our great friends at the Sydney Swans are improvising ways to stay match fit and social distance at the same time.

They’ve launched VW Swansfit, that they’d love to share with all GO Scholars. Each week there’ll be new videos with tips to boost your fitness and wellbeing, and ways to keep little ones entertained in quarantine.

Swansfit will roll out 3 videos a week, hosted by different players, while ‘the Rona’ has us all indoors: Monday – Kids Activity; Wednesday – Workout; Friday – Mental Health tip . This week Co-Captain Josh Kennedy is action, with help from son Emilio. There’s a fitness and activity diary too to record how much exercise you’re getting in each day. So, no excuses not to convert that chocolate into muscle!

Don’t forget to tag @sydneyswans and #VWSwansfit across social media when you take part in the program.  If you don’t have social, you can upload your photos and videos through the Swans website page.

Staying Healthy, Strong and Connected over the Holidays

  • It’s important we stay connected with family, friends and community by phone, text and social media to make sure everyone’s okay.
  • Stay at home – unless you’re exercising, shopping for essentials, helping an elderly or disadvantaged person, or receiving medical care.
  • Remember to practice social distancing and good hygiene. Visit gov.au for the latest health advice or call the 24-hour National COVID-19 Hotline on 1800 020 080.
  • Visit the Department of Social Services for the latest information about COVID-19 assistance and support services.
  • Visit the National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA) for information about Indigenous business support and community closures.
  • Please contact Shirley, Mark or Alex at GO if you need help sourcing essentials like groceries and food for your family, or if you need legal advice.

Happy Holidays. Stay safe and well everyone!