A message from Adam

Nangga everyone, I hope you are all utilising this time at home to the best of your ability. One thing that has really helped me in the last week is to focus on the things that I can do, and to not focus on the things that I can’t.

For example, I love the ocean and I usually go for a swim before work and then again after work. I have seen many people breaking the rules and jumping into the surf off the rocks. Even this week, seeing that other councils are opening up the beaches for the residents, I just took a deep breath and didn’t get wild at all. I live in Bondi and I will have to wait only another week before I can add my swims back into my daily routine. It’s been a long 4 weeks without something that I love.

I think it has made me stronger to give up something I love doing, and it’s helped me to focus on what I can do right now, and not what we can’t. Slowly, we all will be able to get back to the things we usually have as part of our weekly routines. Stay positive and keep showing that patience as we move into another week.

Let’s GO – John’s Quarantine Workout

School Update – Term 2

Term 2 will begin next week as it finished in Term 1. NSW schools will stay with online learning at home for the next couple of weeks at least. You can find all the latest COVID-19 details for NSW schools, universities, and childcare here. There is also a new NSW Schools Updates app with up to date information about public schools.

In South Australia, schools will be open as they were in Term 1, and parents can choose to keep their children at home. You can find more details about SA schools here.

A huge shout out to all the mums, dads, carers and guardians doing the homeschooling hard yards. To support you, the NSW Education Department has created an ‘essentials’ toolkit for parents and carers, which is full of helpful stuff.

Wilcannia Central School – Iso-Sensation

Here’s something beautiful to brighten your day. Big Things Grow (in Wilcannia) is a video produced by the local school about their lives in the far west of NSW during COVID-19. At home in the outback, the Wilcannia murrpas (kids) don’t have access to online learning, so their teachers have come up with an imaginative, fun way of getting work done. Starring the talents of Deputy Principal Ms Sarah, and featuring nearly everyone in town, the video tells the story of staying connected – and becoming an internet sensation at the same time. It’s 7 minutes long, and you can watch it here.

Winners are Grinners

Here are our GO-Q competition winners!

Bunga Barrabugu at Sydney Uni

This is one for our Year 12 GO scholars. If you’re aiming for an ATAR this year and considering university in the future, you are invited to sign up for the Bunga Barrabugu Winter Program during the July school holidays. Run by Sydney University, the winter school is an online, five-day academic preparation program to help you right before your big finish at high school. Sydney Uni will provide everything you need free of charge, including access to online tutoring, learning materials and webinars. The program will be held on 13 – 17 July, and applications close 15 May.  For more information, head over to the webpage.  Get in touch with GO if you’d like assistance with your application.  We’re here to help!

Introducing Captivate the Future

Captivate the Future is an online program all about mastering the art of public speaking. All GO scholars will have the opportunity to be part of this special program and learn how to tell your own stories in your own way, with lots of confidence. The program will run for 9 weeks, and by the finish you will be bursting out of Iso and onto the stage to speak at the next GO Foundation event!

Captivate the Future was started by 16-year old Kailash Sarma (and his dad Kamal), and they will be your public speaking coaches. There are prizes to be won and the chance to have your video uploaded to YouTube to inspire change. Kailash tells his own great story in his TEDx talk 3 Keys to finding your Passion. More details to come.

Helpful Covid-19 Contacts

  • Kids Helpline has a special COVID-19 information page, which is a great resource, and there’s someone to talk to 24/7 online or by phoning 1800 551800
  • Visit health.gov.au for the latest health advice or call the 24-hour National COVID-19 Hotline on 1800 020 080.
  • Visit the Department of Social Services for the latest information about COVID-19 assistance and support services.
  • Ask Izzy is a free and anonymous website where you can search over 360,000 services to find food, housing, counselling, legal advice, and a whole lot more. Ask Izzy’s Facebook page is also full of useful info.

Until next week, take good care GO family!