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Now that Term 2 has started, and Michael has your attention with what we can only describe as his splendid retro ‘Iso-Moe’, a reminder about Studiosity.

If you haven’t signed up for the online study help, check your emails for your personal login details. If you’re having difficulties, contact Mark and he will help you.

Log in and ask a question or upload some writing. There’s an expert in every subject available to help with study questions 24/7. Then email Mark with your thoughts!

GO – Micky-O!

It’s 25 years since the debut match of one of the Sydney Swans greatest ever players, GO’s own Michael O’Loughlin.

Congratulations Micky-O! You’re a dead set legend at the Swans with all that you’ve done and continue to do with the club. And, at GO, we obviously all love you too. Not only do you inspire us every day, you’re the reason we’re all here!

Face Drawing with Ben Quilty – Win a Prize

There are some positives to quarantine, like an online drawing lesson from renowned artist Ben Quilty and his daughter Livvy – and winning a prize in this week’s GO-Q self-portrait competition!

From his painting studio, Ben and his daughter Livvy show you step-by-step how to draw a face in perfect proportion.  By the end of the lesson you’ll know the tips and tricks to sketching your own face, with your nose in just the right spot!

For the chance to win a GO-Q prize, watch Ben and Livvy’s face making video and get to work on your own self-portrait.  Your sketch is your version of you, so have a go and don’t be shy!

When you’ve finished, send Mark a photo of you with your picture to or 0415 446576. We’ll create a virtual gallery in GO-Q with all your pictures. Come on Michael and Adam, we’d love to see yours too!.

You can watch more of the NSW Art Gallery’s #TogetherinArt series here.

Taronga TV – Critters on the Couch

Did someone say Meerkat Cam? Taronga Zoo has added its mob of 19 adorable meerkats and its otter enclosure to their live camera feeds on TarongaTV, alongside Tiger Cam, Elephant Cam and Seal Cam.  Watching your favourite critters cruise through the day without a worry in the world can put life in this crazy time back in perspective.

Also on TarongaTV is the Free Flight Bird Show video starring Slammer, the huge buzzard, who swoops down and uses a rock to smash and eat an emu egg.

GO-Q Culture – Indigenous Seasons

Did you know that different Aboriginal lands have different seasons relating to land, sea and sky?  On D’harawal country, home to lots of GO families, autumn is the time of Marrai’gagn, when quolls can be heard and lilly pillys ripen on the trees. Over in South Australia, on the Kaurna calendar, autumn is Parnati (named after a star shining near the moon) and time to net fish and catch kangaroo.

There’s so much to re-discover about Indigenous knowledge of our land and weather going back tens of thousands of years. Reviving those traditional Indigenous practices to better manage climate change is a hot topic right now, especially since the bushfires. It’s great to see that it’s on the radar at the Bureau of Meteorology too, and the interactive map of Australian Indigenous Weather Knowledge will have you thinking about the changing seasons in a different light.

Let’s GO – Work Out!

Our great friends at the Sydney Swans have new fitness and mental health tips to share with GO on VW Swansfit.  This week it’s Jake Lloyd’s turn, with workout and wellbeing videos, and ways to keep little ones entertained creating a swan towel sculpture!

On Swansfit, you’ll also find workouts and tips from Josh Kennedy, Luke Parker and Callum Mills. There’s a fitness and activity diary too to record how much exercise you’re getting in each day.

Helpful Covid-19 Contacts

  • You can find all the latest COVID-19 details for NSW schools, universities, and childcare here, and details about SA schools here.
  • Kids Helpline has a special COVID-19 information page, which is a great resource, and there’s someone to talk to 24/7 online or by phoning 1800 551800
  • Visit for the latest health advice or call the 24-hour National COVID-19 Hotline on 1800 020 080.
  • Visit the Department of Social Services for the latest information about COVID-19 assistance and support services.
  • Ask Izzy is a free and anonymous website where you can search over 360,000 services to find food, housing, counselling, legal advice, and a whole lot more. Ask Izzy’s Facebook page is also full of useful info.

Get your entries to Mark for the drawing competition, and stay safe and well GO Family!