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Public Education Foundation Scholarships

The GO Foundation, in conjunction with the Public Education Foundation, is offering more public school scholarships for 2019. If you are in Year 10 this year, attend a state school in Metropolitan Sydney or Metropolitan Adelaide and meet the criteria, please apply!

Scholarships include financial assistance of $2,500 per year for educational needs for Years 11 and 12, and access to the GO Ecosystem where students receive access to mentoring, homework support, internships, work experience and other opportunities.

These scholarships will be opening later in August. Please check back again soon.

Independent School Scholarships

For scholarship applications to our Independent partner schools, please contact the Schools directly to discuss current availability.

University Scholarships

– University of South Australia

– University of New South Wales

Other Scholarships

From time to time, the GO Foundation, in it’s absolute discretion, may award scholarships outside those listed above. Such applications will be assessed according to a variety of criteria that may include  (but will not be limited to) financial need, student aspirations, a student’s desire to give back, school attendance and the ability of GO to provide such ad hoc scholarships at the time. Enquiries may be made to

Scholarship Criteria

The GO Foundation uses the criteria below to assess applications for GO scholarships. We retain the discretion not to give each criteria equal weighting and may nominate a candidate as successful even if their application did not address all the criteria.

The selection criteria are as follows, in no particular order:

Financial need: GO Foundation scholarships are not means tested, but applicants who demonstrate financial need are more likely to be awarded a scholarship. GO Foundation will consider, in particular, the circumstances of the applicant’s family or immediate caregivers in considering this factor.

Work ethic: Applicants should demonstrate an aspiration to work hard and achieve. Academic performance is helpful evidence, but it is not the only way in which an applicant might demonstrate a strong work ethic.

Cultural identity: Applicants should demonstrate a strong cultural identity or a desire to understand more about their cultural heritage.

Rate of attendance at school: Applicants should have at least a reasonable rate of attendance at school. Note that GO Foundation scholars with low rates of attendance might potentially have their scholarship revoked. However, the GO Foundation may also look at any reasons for low attendance in assessing a student’s application.

Desire to give back to the community: Applicants should care about their community, family and friends. Community service, volunteer work and certain extracurricular activities or memberships of organisations by applicant are considered.

Passion for learning: Applicants should demonstrate a desire to learn and continue learning.