Coming Soon: Please check back here in September 2018 for information about scholarships for 2019.

Public School Scholarships

In 2018, the GO Foundation awarded 18 primary school scholarships and 16 high school scholarships to two schools in Sydney:

– La Perouse Public School

– Matraville Sports High

Independent School Scholarships

For scholarship applications to our Independent partner schools, please contact the Schools directly to discuss current availability.

University Scholarships

– University of South Australia

– University of New South Wales

Other Scholarships

From time to time, the GO Foundation, in it’s absolute discretion, may award scholarships outside those listed above. Such applications will be assessed according to a variety of criteria that may include  (but will not be limited to) financial need, student aspirations, a student’s desire to give back, school attendance and the ability of GO to provide such ad hoc scholarships at the time. Enquiries may be made to