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High School Scholarships

Public High School Scholarships

In conjunction with the Public Education Foundation, the GO Foundation offers scholarships to Indigenous high school students in Years 9 and 11. If you are currently in Year 8 or Year 10, attend a state school in Metropolitan Sydney, Metropolitan Adelaide or Canberra and meet the criteria, please apply!

Scholarships include access to GO Foundation cultural mentoring and aspiration days, access to opportunities including internships and work experience. GO Scholarships also include financial assistance for educational tools and resources.

Scholarship applications are now closed for 2022. 

Independent High School Scholarships

For scholarship applications to our Independent partner schools, please contact the Schools directly to discuss current availability.

Scholarship Selection Criteria


School attendance

GO Scholars need an attendance rate of 90% or higher. If your attendance is lower than this, we want to know why.



We are looking for students who work hard. You don’t have to get the best marks but you have to have a good attitude. We want to see you making an effort with your studies.

Cultural Identity

Cultural identity

GO Scholars have a strong cultural identity or a deep desire to know more. We look for evidence of this deep desire in your activities and engagement with community.

Giving Back

Giving Back

At GO, we care about other people, our communities and our families. We want students who give back to others and we look for examples of how you do this.

Financial Need

Financial need

We don’t means test our scholarships or ask for tax papers, but instead look for financial need in your application.