The GO Foundation Story

Values: Integrity. Equality. Opportunity. Strength in culture.

The GO Foundation was founded by Sydney Swans Legends, Adam Goodes and Michael O’Loughlin to empower young Indigenous Australians through education. As proud Aboriginal men, their names are synonymous with integrityequality and opportunity.

The GO Foundation’s scholarship program provides access, opportunity and wrap around support for Indigenous students to ensure their journey through school is as rich and rewarding as possible. GO provides scholarships from primary school to university, in public and independent schools, to students who live with family, in community and on country.

Although Australia is a land of abundant wealth, many Indigenous Australians face a lack of opportunity and access. The financial assistance of a GO scholarship for public school provides the tools and resources Indigenous students need for their studies, including laptops, Wi-Fi access at home, sporting equipment, musical instruments, excursions and school trips, and food at the canteen.

Our independent school scholarships offer Indigenous students the choice to attend private and Catholic schools that partner with GO.  The independent school program is based on a three-way funding relationship between the school, the student’s family and the GO Foundation.

Every GO scholarship is an entry point to the GO Ecosystem of trusted partners; a model of collaborative impact where our partners, including CareerTrackers, work with us to provide GO scholars with a broad range of access and opportunities. By working together to broaden our students’ perspectives, we are empowering Indigenous youth to change their own lives.

Ecosystem partners support GO Scholars in many ways through cultural mentoring, homework tutoring, leadership training, STEM training, exposure to a broad range of career options, work experience and paid internships. Once a GO Scholar, Always a GO Scholar, so this mentoring and support continues long after the GO scholarship has ended.

At the heart of the GO Ecosystem is a burning desire to strengthen our students’ cultural identity – to connect them in a meaningful way to their history, culture, and heritage. By sharing our students’ perspective and their culture with our Ecosystem partners, we hope to create workplaces that are truly inclusive and welcoming of all Australians. We do this so that we can all share in the oldest living culture in the world.